Salt & Ice

Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 9:20 pm


A few years ago, I read a news story online about the terrible winter Britain and Europe were experiencing at that time. Included was a satellite photo of the British Isles completely covered with snow. The story described the difficult and dangerous circumstances Britain and the Continent were suffering through due to the severe weather. There was so much ice on the roads, that many countries were experiencing shortages of salt to melt the ice and make the roads passable. Women with shopping bags were crawling on their hands and knees and cars were spinning out of control. In fact, in France, the government was so desperate, it was using lavender bath salts as an emergency substitute (that just seems a very French thing to do).


As I read the story and looked at the picture, I realised I was seeing a metaphor for the spiritual climate of Britain and Europe, frozen and desperately in need of salt. Jesus called those who follow Him, the salt of the earth. It’s tempting when we see the culture freezing spiritually to huddle together and complain about the cold, but what we have is a salt shortage. Winter is here. Salt melts ice. Pray for more salt.image

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