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Since this page is entitled, “About”, I thought I’d better put up something about me. Although, really this whole blog is all about me – the things I think about and the things I think are important enough to spend hours writing about. Blogging is the perfect pursuit for the narcissist.

I’m a native of Glasgow, Scotland, which means I’m one of those rare people who not only understands the Scots’ accent, but rarer still, understands Glaswegian. As a lass, the family moved to Ontario, Canada, just in time for the worst blizzard in fifty years. There’s not much snow falls in Scotland, so it was quite a culture shock and only proved my earlier belief we’d emigrated to the land of the Eskimos. This was back in the Dark Ages before Google, so my siblings and I didn’t know much about where we had moved to, except it was a place of exotic foods like, banana splits, Count Chocula cereal, and the Happy Meal.

Four winters and countless shovels of snow later, the family packed up again and headed out west to California and even more importantly, Disneyland. This route is so popular with my fellow countrymen, I call it the “Scottish Migration Route” – cold to colder to “Bugger the cauld!”

Of course, being congenitally thrifty, we drove across country, without air conditioning (still the Dark Ages), in July. That journey will be the topic of a post, so I won’t go into too much detail.

We settled in Southern California, our house becoming a popular holiday destination for our friends and family back home who needed to defrost.

I adjusted to life in California, even managing to pick up the accent while holding onto the Scots’; the Canadian I dropped faster than you can say, “Eh?”

My lifelong ambition of becoming a brain surgeon (I am not exaggerating here), was challenged by my first college chemistry class, which is where study skills trump natural intelligence and the men are separated from the boys. I realized I needed to get serious and gain some skills or switch to the humanities. My degree is in English Literature, with an emphasis on the 19th century.

I married and over the nineteen years of that relationship, gave birth to four kids, who, because this is posted on the internet where they can read it, are the most wonderful, gifted, beautiful cherubs ever sent from Heaven. I am also grandmother to one, although the family still has not decided on a name for me. My mother did suggest G.I.T.- Grandmother In Training – but as “git” is the Scottish venacular for a stupid person, I’m still looking.

I am passionate about a lot of things and opinionated about everything, which combined with my desire to take over the planet, makes me either a megalomaniac, or a typical Scot.

And that’s about me, so far…